AAEAAQAAAAAAAAOkAAAAJDVlNWE3OTliLWY3MDQtNDZlNi05ZmNjLTkyYWFkMDBlNzU5MAIt is imperative for the business community to understand the realm of cybersecurity as it relates to their business exposure.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month – The Internet is a shared resource and securing it is everyone’s Shared Responsibility. Intrusions into America’s business and infrastructure networks pose economic and national security threats. All businesses face a number of cybersecurity challenges like being the target of cybercriminals, having intellectual property stolen or being attacked.

The North East Annual Cybersecurity Summit (NEACS) is the premier cybersecurity resource for business executives and technology professionals. For the 3rd consecutive year, NEACS (formerly the Annual CT Business Security Summit) will connect attendees with leading subject matter experts in four tracks: Legal, Audit, Security, and Governance. NEACS provides attendees with insights in to current cybersecurity risks and threats, as well as business and technology strategies to protect against and respond to cyber-attacks, data breaches, and fraud.

When I started the Annual CT Business Security Summit a couple of years ago my objective had been to create a conference that would help educate businesses on the emerging criticality of a strategic security program.   So, it was a sold out event? Wrong – Everyone who attended loved the summit but the number of attendees in a business role was low.

The next year, I had founded the local chapter for ISC2 which created an added impetus around the Business Security focused summit.  So, it was a sold out event? Wrong -The number of attendees in a business role was still low.

Businesses are still not realizing the digitization of corporate risk. Cybersecurity must become a priority for every business and every industry.

A study by Ocean Tomo found that 80 percent of the total value of the Fortune 500 now consists of intellectual property (IP) and other intangibles. Cyber risks can result in loss of IP, disrupt operations, cause consumer confidence to plummet or lead to loss of faith in management.

Any Business today has to view their cyber risks as they do other critical risks. Intellectual property that takes years and millions of dollars to build can be stolen in days causing loss of competitive edge.

This year, NEACS is presented by a coalition of local chapters from renowned international associations for over 1500 audit and security professionals comprised of:

(ISC)2 – International Information System Security Certification Consortium, Inc. – Southern Connecticut Chapter; (IIA) – Institute of Internal Auditors – Westchester/Fairfield County Chapter; andISACA – Information Systems Audit and Control Association – Greater Hartford and New York Metropolitan Chapters.

The focus this year, as in the past two years is for Business leaders on the cost of inaction to cyber security threats today. We have an excellent lineup of sessions that will lay out the current threat landscape as it relates to Business and approaches for mitigation of those risks. These will range from creating a sustainable security program, to Board conversations and security exposures due to Mergers & Acquisitions.

  The event is on October 27th from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Registration is open at Cevent. The twitter handle is @NECybersecurity.