Whether you’re a student or an employee, digital documents are now essential for the future of work. While there are different types of digital documents, one of the most often used document formats is PDF. Today, millions of PDF files are exchanged between users worldwide.

Those who have collaborated with a team in an office setting or worked on a project that required the participation of other users are aware that PDFs frequently require many stages of review by team members and other external parties. It’s a hassle sending emails back and forth to offer context for this document. In addition, the various logins, program switching, and user interfaces frequently cause us to fall behind and reduce productivity. The goal of Adobe Acrobat is to make this process as seamless as possible.

To address these problems, Adobe unveiled recent advances in Acrobat for Teams at Microsoft Build earlier this year. For companies who want to deal with their PDFs using Adobe Acrobat, this new experience helps reduce the hassle of jumping between programs. In addition, this new connection might lead to increased productivity, better security, and lower expenses.

Managing PDFs

The new integration enables Teams to select Acrobat as the preferred PDF app. By securely viewing and working on PDFs from within the Teams Acrobat Viewer, users can maintain the rhythm of their work. This includes sharing and reviewing PDFs, working together in real-time with comments and annotations, receiving comment alerts, and having quick access to PDFs kept in Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive.

Security is Priority

Adobe indicated that it recognizes digital security as a top concern for businesses. They expanded by explaining that shared or collaboratively created PDFs are transmitted to the Adobe Document Cloud servers for temporary processing before being removed after 24 hours. Throughout this procedure, the documents will continue to be encrypted both in transit and at rest. The updated documents are eventually saved in the original OneDrive or SharePoint location.


Your IT administrator must configure Acrobat as the default PDF app in the Teams admin center before you can use this new integration. All PDF files from chat will open immediately in the Acrobat app inside Teams after the app has been configured. Although viewing PDF files doesn’t require an Adobe ID or subscription, access to premium features does require an Acrobat Standard or Pro account.

Moving forward

This integration is just one of many ways that Microsoft and Adobe collaborate to boost productivity throughout all enterprises. Everyone can conduct business and interact more efficiently in their preferred Microsoft 365 apps with Adobe products and services integrated into Microsoft 365.

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