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As AI continues to revolutionize industries, the imperative for trustworthy AI has become paramount. This edition of our newsletter introduces our new podcast series, “Trustworthy AI: De-risk Business Adoption of AI,” focusing on how businesses can adopt AI responsibly and safely. We’ll explore themes of AI Risk Management and Governance.

Trustworthy AI is shown by research at MIT Sloan Management research to  promote better business outcomes, including accelerated innovation. It helps businesses from potential risks down the road, particularly related to areas such as intellectual property, bias, data, cybersecurity and privacy.

Trusted AI specializes in operationalizing AI Trust and Risk management across ai adoption. product development and data life cycles. We create process and technology that helps mitigating risk and identifying growth opportunities through proven approaches.

We are seeing a range of impact and awareness on the unintended consequences of this technology.

The FTC has emphasized that it is looking for “real accountability” when it comes to algorithmic harms. To the FTC, “real accountability” means that “companies—the same ones that benefit from the advantages and efficiencies of algorithms—must bear the responsibility of (1) conducting regular audits and impact assessments and (2) facilitating appropriate redress for erroneous or unfair algorithmic decisions.

I speak with the world’s industry thought leaders and business leaders on achieving Trustworthy AI by identifying the risks and roadblocks to achieving intended outcomes from AI. We delve into business impact from cybersecurity, privacy, ethics, transparency, fairness, and reliability in AI, offering a lens through which businesses can navigate the complex AI Risk landscape.

Introducing Our Podcast Series: “Trustworthy AI: De-risk Business Adoption of AI”

Join us in our journey through this enlightening podcast series, where we delve into the challenges and solutions for adopting AI in a business setting responsibly.

Episode 1: How can Trustworthy AI help De-Risk adoption of AI? The Foundation of Trust in AI
Understanding the basic principles of trustworthy AI and why it’s critical for business adoption.

Episode 2 Generative AI Cybersecurity & Trustworthiness
In this episode on I speak with a special guest Adrian Sanabria an Infosec expert, entrepreneur and thought leader. His experience with both the practical and business sides of the industry make him an excellent contributor on this topic. Generative AI Cybersecurity will require a agile and holistic approach, beyond what is available and being discussed.
2 eternal ai cybersecurity optimists talk about what needs to be done, yes it can be done but will require a holistic approach and no Generative ai cybersecurity cannot be addressed by traditional safety and security controls

Episode 3: Trustworthy AI : De-risk business adoption of AI with Privacy

I speak with Petruta Pirwan, former EU Data Protection Officer on the use of automated/algorithmic decision making and risks they pose to the individuals and businesses alike.  Petruta gives examples, such as a fine issued in  2021 by the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante) against the owner of GlovoApp 23, €2.6 million for numerous privacy violations regarding the algorithms used for management of its employees.

Episode 4: Role of Trust in AI Data Strategy

In this episode I talk with  Peter Cresse who is focused on data and AI. Data is the lifeblood of AI and its critical to examine the lifecycle and sources of data.

Episode 5: Securing ML Lifecyle to create Trustworthy AI

In this episode my guest is Diana Kelley. Diana is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Protect AI. She also serves on the boards of WiCyS, The Executive Women’s Forum (EWF), InfoSec World, CyberFuture Foundation, TechTarget Security Editorial, and DevNet AI/ML. Diana was Cybersecurity Field CTO for Microsoft, Global Executive Security Advisor at IBM Security, GM at Symantec.

We discuss the challenges and differences between integrating Security into conventional applications and AI applications. Diana offers expertise in securing the Machine Learning Lifecyle.

Episode 6 De-risk business adoption of AI with Audit

In this episode my guest is Ryan Carrier who is focused on Independent Audit of AI Systems as one means to mitigate the risk associated with artificial intelligence and began to build the business model associated a first-of-its-kind process for auditing corporate AIs, using a globally, open-source, crowd-sourced process to determine “best-practices”. Ryan serves as ForHumanity’s Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors, in these roles he is responsible for the day-to-day function of ForHumanity and the overall process of Independent Audit.

Episode7 Protecting Sensitive data real time and behavioral AI

In this dialog I talk with Dr. Damodar Shah about Data Privacy, Synthetic Fraud, and behavioral AI and how these are important now and impact on our future. We discuss the problem and solutions for safeguarding sensitive data that is being created in excessive volume by smart devices, social media and other means.

Episode 8 De-risk business adoption of AI in Healthcare Application

In this episode I speak with Manuj Aggarwal, a global AI thought leader and host of podcast ‘bootstrap your dreams’. We discussed an Computer Vision application his company Tetranoodle helped bring to market in additive manufacturing, printed orthotics, that helps analyze and ease foot pain.

Manuj’s podcast, Bootstrapping Your Dreams, is one of the top-rated podcasts in the world, claiming the number one spot in the business and entrepreneurship category. As an expert in human psychology and growth hacking, Manuj believes in getting to the root of why people do things in order to shape business strategy.

Episode 9: GenAI, its value and hype

In this podcast episode I talk with global technology consultant and author Dr. Jeffrey Funk, PhD about AI, GenAI, its value and hype.
His recently released book, Technology Change and the Rise of New Industries explores why new industries emerge at specific moments in time and in certain countries based on analyses of many industries, including those with an electronic and clean energy focus, he  challenges the conventional wisdom that performance dramatically rises following the emergence of a new technology, that costs fall due to increases in cumulative production, and that low-end innovations automatically become disruptive ones.

Episode 10 How does Trustworthy AI help De-risk business adoption of AI?

Can Trustworthy AI help De-Risk adoption of AI? What does it mean. In this podcast we reversed roles. Da-Wyone Haynes is the guest, but he is the one posing questions to the host, Pamela Gupta.

Da-Wyone is a cybersecurity leader at a global company and at InfraGard.

‘Can Trustworthy AI can be  instrumental in helping organizations gain a competitive edge and  promote better business outcomes, including accelerated innovation with AI’.?

Episode 11 President’s AI Executive order, our future with AI with Karen Hao

I talk with with Karen Hao is an American journalist and data scientist. Currently a contributing writer for The Atlantic  The Wall Street Journal and senior artificial intelligence editor at the MIT Technology Review, she is best known for her coverage on AI research, technology ethics and the social impact of AI.

Episode 12 Generative AI and disinformation, disinformation as a service

In this episode we talk about Generative AI and disinformation and disinformation as a service. I am talking to Ksenia Iliuk, Co-Founder of LetsData.

We discuss the impact of disinformation on companies and governments…

  1. What is modern disinformation and its consequences for companies and governments?
  2. Disinformation as a Service: There is a rise in ‘Disinformation as a Service’ offerings on the dark web. How does this trend affect the threat landscape for companies and governments, and what preemptive measures can be taken?


Episode 13 : CISA roadmap for Artificial Intelligence – Impact on business, our Future

In this episode I analyze the evolving threat landscape and the emerging threats that companies and governments should be preparing for?

How do we proactively prepare for the evolving Cybersecurity threats and what is the role of AI Cybersecurity in Trustworthy AI?

I do a in depth analysis on the CISA roadmap for Artificial Intelligence and its impact on private and public sector.  CISA, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure security agency which is the operational branch of department of homeland security, DHS released their roadmap November 2023.

Episode 14 : Business AI Risk Strategy

In this episode I speak with Dr. Irina Mirkina, AI strategist and a leading expert on responsible AI. Working to increase global awareness of both risks and benefits of artificial intelligence, Dr Mirkina is currently the AI Lead for the Office of Innovation at the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Having built a successful career in academia and the private sector, she joined UNICEF to advance the ethical development and use of AI systems that respect children’s rights and save children’s lives.


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Next edition will Feature Story: The Pillars of Trustworthy AI

Explore the key elements that make AI systems trustworthy, including transparency, fairness, and ethical considerations. Understanding these principles is essential for businesses looking to adopt AI responsibly.

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