Today, we are thrilled to announce our new offering for customers – Trust as a Service.  Trusted AI is the first company to offer this streamlined five step process for helping clients de-risk their adoption of AI and maximize the gains from AI.

We require a dramatic shift in our approach to AI Governance and risk management.

This involves integrating the stability and proven practices of traditional governance with the dynamic, often unpredictable nature of AI governance.

This requires not only a deep understanding of both realms but also a visionary approach to anticipate and shape future standards. Balancing these two aspects of governance is not just about compliance and risk management.

It is about steering the Organization in a way that respects ethical boundaries while embracing technological innovation. It’s a delicate tightrope walk between the known and the unknown, the established and the emerging, the safe and the revolutionary.

At Trusted AI, we created an approach based on years of creating holistic and strategic risk-based management programs at global firms operating in complex regulatory environments. Our approach for creating actionable and operational governance is called AI TIPS. It is designed for a Trustworthy AI implementation that is built intentionally and with the right stakeholders from inception to implementation.

Our approach takes a holistic life-cycle approach to AI Governance.

AI TIPS. Artificial Intelligence Trust Integrated Pillars for Sustainability.

This is a holistic and a unique model for operationalizing governance based on risk management with a focus “To adopt and aid development of Trustworthy, Sustainable AI solutions”.  It addresses some of the biggest challenges in adopting Trustworthy AI/Responsible AI : the ‘how’ and ‘when’ of involving stakeholders to align with intended outcomes.

Adopting and operationalizing the new approach for governance, integrating with existing framework is not easy or straightforward, is dynamic and will vary by organization.

We are simplifying and streamlining adoption of AI across areas that typically create huge financial, legal, compliance or reputation risks across essential pillars of Trustworthy AI.

Want to learn more about what is the right approach for you or an evaluation of your current Trusted AI methodology? Contact us.