Executive Summary

In an era where AI powers essential business functions, the integrity and security of AI systems are paramount. Recent incidents have shown that even sophisticated AI systems can fall prey to cyber threats, leading to compromised customer data and tarnished brand reputation. Our AI Incident Response Exercise is designed to prepare your team to effectively handle such incidents, ensuring meeting regulations, business continuity and safeguarding customer trust.

We are listing some scenarios but will create context based ones for you.

Scenario 1: Healthcare

Scenario: AI Diagnostic Tool Misdiagnosis

Background: A hospital implements an advanced AI diagnostic tool designed to assist in the early detection of skin cancer by analyzing images of skin lesions. The tool has been marketed as highly accurate and efficient, capable of detecting subtle patterns not always apparent to the human eye.

Incident Unfolding:

Bias and Misdiagnosis: The AI tool begins to show a pattern of misdiagnosing conditions in patients with darker skin tones at a significantly higher rate than those with lighter skin. This discrepancy arises from the AI’s training predominantly on images of lesions from lighter-skinned individuals, leading to a bias in its diagnostic accuracy.

Privacy Concern: During the investigation into the misdiagnoses, a security flaw is discovered in the AI system, exposing patients’ personal and health information, raising serious privacy concerns and violating HIPAA regulations.

Lack of Transparency: The healthcare providers using the AI tool struggle to understand why certain diagnoses were made due to the system’s lack of transparency. This opacity hampers their ability to provide clear explanations to affected patients, eroding trust.

Regulatory and Compliance Violations: The incidents prompt regulatory scrutiny. The hospital faces potential fines for violating privacy laws and is criticized for not adequately vetting the AI tool for bias and compliance with healthcare regulations.

Scenario 2:  Overview: The Compromised Chatbot

A company’s customer service chatbot, equipped with advanced NLP capabilities, begins to send malicious content and phishing links to customers. This incident poses significant risks, including data breaches and damage to customer trust. The scenario unfolds in stages, from detection through recovery, providing a comprehensive test of your incident response capabilities.

AI Incidence Response Objectives

Detect and Assess: Train teams to quickly identify AI-related breaches, understanding the scope and impact on operations and customer relations.

Contain and Mitigate: Implement immediate containment measures to limit damage, focusing on isolating affected systems and communicating transparently with stakeholders.

Eradicate and Recover: Guide teams through the process of eradicating the threat from AI systems and safely restoring normal operations, ensuring no residual vulnerabilities.

Learn and Adapt: Conduct thorough post-incident analyses to derive actionable insights, turning each exercise into a learning opportunity for enhancing future response efforts.

Exercise Components

Customized Incident Scenarios: Tailored to reflect your unique business context and AI application vulnerabilities.

Hands-on Response Activities: Real-time exercises involving key decision-makers across your organization, from Crisis Management teams, Developers, Data Scientists, Business teams, IT and PR.

Expert-Led Debriefings: Comprehensive analysis sessions led by AI Risk experts to review performance and identify improvements.

Actionable Improvement Plans: Detailed recommendations for strengthening your AI systems integration into mainstream systems and response protocols.


Enhanced Preparedness: Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to manage AI incidents confidently.

Reduced Incident Impact: Minimize operational disruptions and financial losses associated with AI security incidents.

Strengthened Customer Trust: Demonstrate a commitment to data protection and AI Risks, crucial for maintaining and growing your customer base.

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