The advancement of AI technologies offers unparalleled opportunities for innovation and growth but also presents new challenges in governance and ethical considerations. To address this, “Trusted AI as a Service” merges the proven practices of traditional governance with the flexibility required for effective AI management.

Our approach ensures that organizations can harness the power of AI in a manner that is both ethical and sustainable, thereby maximizing potential benefits while mitigating associated risks.

Central to our service offering is the AI TIPS methodology (Artificial Intelligence Trust Integrated Pillars for Sustainability), developed from our extensive experience in strategic risk management for global corporations. AI TIPS is a comprehensive, lifecycle-oriented framework that provides actionable, operational governance for trustworthy AI implementations. This methodology emphasizes the importance of involving key stakeholders early and throughout the AI project lifecycle, aligning closely with the organization’s strategic objectives and ethical standards.

Complementing our AI TIPS methodology, the “Trusted AI as a Service” offering is bolstered by our AI Center of Excellence (CoE). This CoE is a hub of on-demand AI expertise, offering access to leading AI specialists, best practices such as NIST AI RMF, ISO 42001, IEEE Ethics by design, and the latest strategies in AI governance. Through this innovative Consulting as a Service model, clients receive customized, scalable solutions tailored to their unique challenges and needs, ensuring success in their AI initiatives.

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