The advancement of AI technologies offers unparalleled opportunities for innovation and growth but also presents new challenges in governance and ethical considerations. To address this, “Trusted AI as a Service” merges the proven practices of traditional governance with the flexibility required for effective AI management.

Our approach ensures that organizations can harness the power of AI in a manner that is both ethical and sustainable, thereby maximizing potential benefits while mitigating associated risks.

Central to our service offering is the AI TIPS methodology (Artificial Intelligence Trust Integrated Pillars for Sustainability), developed from our extensive experience in strategic risk management for global corporations. AI TIPS is a comprehensive, lifecycle-oriented framework that provides actionable, operational governance for trustworthy AI implementations. This methodology emphasizes the importance of involving key stakeholders early and throughout the AI project lifecycle, aligning closely with the organization’s strategic objectives and ethical standards.

Complementing our AI TIPS methodology, the “Trusted AI as a Service” offering is bolstered by our AI Center of Excellence (CoE). This CoE is a hub of on-demand AI expertise, offering access to leading AI specialists, best practices such as NIST AI RMF, ISO 42001, IEEE Ethics by design, and the latest strategies in AI governance. Through this innovative Consulting as a Service model, clients receive customized, scalable solutions tailored to their unique challenges and needs, ensuring success in their AI initiatives.

Creating a AI Center of Excellence, COE, Subscription


Continuous strategic guidance and implementation support for integrating trustworthy AI – trustworthy AI – Security, Privacy, Ethics, Transparency, Explainability, Audit, Regulations And Regulations. Operationalize Governance across the business – people, process and technology.


Vision and Strategy:

  • Purpose Definition: Clarify the overarching goal and mission of the AI COE.
  • Strategic Alignment: Ensure AI initiatives align with the broader organizational goals objectives.
  • Roadmap Development: Create a timeline and milestones for AI adoption and integration within the organization.

Governance and Leadership:

  • Leadership Structure: Establish clear roles and responsibilities for AI governance and oversight.
  • Policy Framework: Develop policies and standards for ethical AI use, data governance, and compliance.
  • Decision-making Process: Set up mechanisms for decision-making related to AI projects and investments.

Technology and Infrastructure:

  • Tech Stack Evaluation: Assess and select appropriate AI technologies, tools, and platforms.
  • Infrastructure Setup: Develop the necessary hardware and software infrastructure to support AI activities.
  • Security and Scalability: Ensure the AI infrastructure is secure, scalable, and capable of evolving with technological advancements.

Talent and Expertise:

  • Talent Acquisition: Recruit skilled professionals in AI, Reskill, Train employees in machine learning, data science, and related fields.
  • Skill Development: Provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities to build AI expertise.
  • Culture of Innovation: Foster a workplace environment that encourages experimentation, creativity, and continuous learning in AI.

Innovation and Development:

  • Project Incubation: Support the ideation and development of innovative AI projects and solutions.
  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Promote collaboration between AI experts and other business units to drive innovation.
  • External Partnerships: Establish alliances with academic institutions, industry consortia, and technology providers to leverage external knowledge and innovations.

Operational Excellence:

  • Process Integration: Seamlessly integrate AI solutions into business processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Performance Monitoring: Regularly evaluate the performance of AI initiatives against defined KPIs and objectives.
  • Continuous Improvement: Implement feedback loops to refine AI strategies and operations based on performance data and evolving business needs.

Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Internal Communication: Educate and inform internal stakeholders about AI initiatives, benefits, and impacts.
  • External Outreach: Engage with external stakeholders, including customers, partners, and regulators, to build trust and support for AI activities.
  • Collaboration Networks: Develop networks of AI champions and advocates within and outside the organization to promote AI awareness and adoption.

De-Risk AI Adoption with Trustworthy AI Subscription


Connecting Risk Management with your AI Strategy in line with evolving regulations and standards.


  • Create AI Risk Assessments and Impact Assessments
  • Include Trusted AI Essential Pillars Security, Privacy, Ethics, Transparency, Explainability, Audit, Regulations and Accountability. Based on your business context and AI Use cases.
  • Regular audits of AI systems for trust and compliance
  • Updates on regulatory changes and compliance guidance
  • Continuous risk and impact assessments

Ecosystem, Third Party AI Risk Assessment

This is our most requested service.

A recent survey found 78% of organizations use third-party AI tools, combined with the finding that more than half (55%) of all AI failures come from third-party tools. Companies may not even know about all of the AI tools that are being used throughout their organizations, a phenomenon known as “shadow AI.”


Risk evaluation of Third-party AI tools, including open-source models, vendor platforms, and commercial APIs,

Workforce training, Building Trustworthy AI Training and Capability Subscription


Regular instructor lead training


  • Monthly training sessions on trustworthy AI – Security, Privacy, Ethics, Transparency, Explainability, Audit, Regulations And Regulations.
  • Regular workshops on compliance and ethics
  • Continuous learning and capacity building programs

Standards based AI Ethics, Governance, Risk Management and Trust program Subscription


Sustained support for creating Governance Frameworks – maintaining and enhancing ethical and trustworthy AI – Security, Privacy, Ethics, Transparency, Explainability, Audit, Regulations And Regulations.

Create governance frameworks.


  • Create and develop Risk and context-based AI usage, Ethics, Trustworthy AI policies.
  • Create and maintain Risk Based AI Governance Program.
  • Regular governance reviews and updates
  • Continuous monitoring for ethical AI compliance

Trustworthy AI Innovation and Research Subscription


Leverage our partnerships with academic institutions to fuel your innovation and combine with our Risk based streamlined Trustworthy AI strategy.


  • Access to innovation labs and research findings
  • Constant innovation support focused on developing trustworthy AI solutions, with access to the latest research and trends.
  • Streamlined risk management by Integrating Trustworthy AI – Security, Privacy, Ethics, Transparency, Explainability, Audit, Regulations And Regulations on a as needed basis.
  • Support for developing and testing new AI solutions
  • Regular updates on ethical AI advancements

Custom Trustworthy AI Subscription


A bespoke subscription service combining elements of the above packages to meet the specific needs of the organization, ensuring comprehensive support for trustworthy AI initiatives.

Subscription Fee: Custom pricing based on selected services and level of engagement.

This subscription model provides businesses with the flexibility to adapt their AI strategies over time, ensuring continuous alignment with ethical standards and regulatory requirements while spreading the cost over manageable monthly payments.

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