AI is changing the game for business productivity, efficiency and competitive edge one step at a time.

Banks and FinTech companies are implementing risk management systems with AI solutions to facilitate decision-making processes, reduce credit risks and provide financial services tailored to their users through automation and ML algorithms. AI’s ability to analyze large data relevant for cyber security, risk management, risk assessment, and accurate business decision-making is tremendous.

As AI/ML algorithms are increasingly utilized in healthcare systems, accuracy, generalizability, and avoidance of bias and drift appropriately come to the forefront. Bias can primarily surface in the form of predictive bias—algorithmic inaccuracies in producing estimates that significantly differ from the underlying truth; and/or social bias, or latent bias.

In any industry, when implementing AI technologies, companies must pay special attention to their associated challenges such as data protection along with the costs of implementation.

Trusted AI is here to help you implement responsible AI practices and ensure that systems are trustworthy, secure, private, transparent, socio-technical, and generative.

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