AI Cybersecurity & Privacy Certification


Trustworthy And Responsible AI for competitive advantage while ensuring compliance with evolving regulations, ethical standards, and security requirements. This intensive two-day course is specifically designed to create leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of AI.

Instructor lead by industry experts in AI

Interactive sessions with AI Security & Privacy Experts

Day 1 Security – 4 hours

Day 2 Privacy – 4 hours




  • Legal risks in AI systems: i.e., breach of proprietary data, citation sources, right to the presumption of innocence, etc.
  • Privacy risks in AI systems: limited user control, breach of data minimisation rule, difficulty to delete the data, etc.
  • AI Intersection with data privacy law: impact assessments, data subject’s rights.
  • EU AI Act. Compliance obligations for the entire chain distribution.
  • U.S. FTC role in regulating AI


  • Types of AI
  • Security for Predictive AI
  • Security for Generative AI
  • Threat modelling for AI
  • Introduction to AI Risk Management, Governance
  • NIST AI Risk Management Framework
  • ISO 42001
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A