Introduction to Blockchains

Call for Price

I. Introduction to Cryptocurrencies & Blockchains

  1. In the beginning…early cryptography, the curse of the double-spending problem and Bitcoin
  2. Smart contracts and the generalized blockchain
  3. Transactional consensus and mining – costs of verification
  4. Cryptoeconomics
  5. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and the last mile problem
  6. Cross-industry use cases – Identity and Privacy
  7. Cross-industry use cases – Global trade
  8. Interactions with Artificial Intelligence and IoT/Robotics

II. Public Blockchains

  1. Blockchains as Distributed Ledgers (DL)
  2. Transparency and Immutability
  3. Blockchain Security and Cryptography
  4. Public Blockchains and Smart Contracts
  5. Fault Tolerance and Governance
  6. Trust and Trustless
  7. Cross-industry use cases –  Internet of Things
  8. Cross-industry use cases – Smart Energy Grid

III. Private Blockchains

  1. Blockchain Governance for Enterprise
  2. Private Blockchains
  3. Multi-party Transactions
  4. Cross-chain integration
  5. Blockchain Autonomy
  6. Cross-industry use cases – Artificial Intelligence
  7. Cross-industry use cases – Supply Chain
  8. Future of Blockchains