IOT Security Training Services

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We learn how to turn the weaknesses of the IoT devices into strengths. For example, being limited and constrained devices, they are not designed to produce or hold a large amount of data and information. Hence, they do not sustain the concentration risk. Indeed, if the risk of a device being attack is made similar to losing the same device due to a hardware failure (more generally, a Byzantine fault), we learn the risk may be mitigated by a distributed network of devices, collaborating towards the common goals. This network does not need to be large, just fit for purpose.

We learn to make evident a misbehavior in a device by anomaly detection through some external systems and subsequently to remove it from the network. The result is isolation (e.g. containment of a malware) and no further damage (e.g. transmission of the malware) is possible.

We learn to design a network of IoT devices to have a high level of resiliency through distribution and self-healing.