Pamela Gupta will present “Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Impact of AI on Patient Care and Medical Innovation” at Chicago AI Conference

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Trusted AI CEO speaking at Bipartisan Policy Center’s webinar, The Evolution of Digital Literacy in the Age of AI, on Tuesday, May 28, 1 – 2pm EST.

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Interview with Security Weekly Productions on the importance of AI Governance and Risk management to achieve the full value and potential of AI. #trustworthyai #predictiveai #generativeai

Trusted AI CEO to give a keynote on AI Cybersecurity & Risk Management

Trusted AI CEO at World Summit AI, leads panel on AI Cybersecurity, Privacy & Trust

World Summit AI Montreal 2023

AI Challenges & Risks: Security, Privacy, Bias & Ethics

AI has quickly become pervasive in all our lives. But, how can it impact us? Consider a couple of examples. Lensa is an app that takes real photos and uses AI to make art images from them. Millions have used it. Others are concerned about the related privacy and intellectual property rights problems it creates. Lensa uses a huge open-source collection of data to train its AI that contains than 5 billion publicly accessible images that it categorizes as “research.”

However, it not only includes copyrighted work, but also personal medical records and images, as well as disturbing images of violence and sexual abuse, many from police reports. This creates privacy, copyright and other intellectual property rights, legal and compliance concerns.

Another AI tool, ChatGPT, surpassed 100 million users early in 2023 and is creating a large and growing number of concerns about security, privacy, intellectual property and legal risks. Use of artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to grow by more than 25% each year for the next five years and could contribute over $15 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

Many questions need to be answered about AI! Listen in to hear my conversation with Pamela Gupta about a wide range of AI issues.

  • Who is ensuring the AI algorithms are secure? And accurate?
  • What happens if someone’s private photos show up incorporated into an AI generated image?
  • What are the privacy risks?
  • What are the security risks?
  • What are the ethical considerations for AI use?
  • What are the dangers of biased AI?
  • What are the “Essential Trusted AI Pillars”?

Pamela answers these and many more questions. See more about Pamela Gupta at

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ChatGPT-4 Security, Risks and Trust for Business Use

AI tools, such as ChatGPT-4, create “synthetic media” or otherwise generate content. Content that is based on unknown lineage on the Internet etc.

Companies across all industries and size from Morgan Stanley to Stripe are using ChatGPT-4.

In this session I will discuss what are the Security, Privacy and Ethical risks we have to be aware of and how to mitigate them so we can place Trust in the outcomes in such easily accessible tools;

Why that is important for anyone using this technology;

OutSecure President, Pamela Gupta named one of the 2019 Connecticut Technology Council Women of Innovation® Finalist. These awards recognize Connecticut’s leading voices in the STEM fields.
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Pamela Gupta, President OutSecure to present at Prudential Towers at The Financial Services Industry Executive Roundtable March 23 2016, ORN

Pamela Gupta to present on SEC Cybersecurity Guidance in Washington D.C. May 16 2016

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