Building AI Achievers with Trusted AI TIPS

We need Trust in AI before Trusting Outcomes

“Develop, deploy and use AI systems in a way that adheres to the ethical principles of: respect for human autonomy, prevention of harm, fairness and explicability. Acknowledge and address the potential tensions between these principles.”


Pamela Gupta
Trusted AI, Cybersecurity Privacy Risk Leader

Pamela Gupta is a thought leader helping companies globally in creating AI Strategy, Trusted AI and Responsible AI.

She created an approach for creating Governance in the AI product development and implementation four years ago – link to AI TIPS Reached out to several organizations including WiCYs to establish a Trusted AI Affiliate.

Defined essential pillars of Trusted AI before NIST and EU link to essential pillars of trusted ai She continues to do the ‘right thing’ for society often at the expense of her own business.

Trust in AI:

Risk & Governance | Cybersecurity

Transparency | Ethics | Privacy

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