For businesses, using personal data is an imperative – customer data, personal data for marketing, employee data, even data about children. Increasingly the data is global. But processing personal data also carries risks if not done properly – the attention of regulators, financial losses, loss of customer trust.

Conversely, businesses that handle and secure personal data properly gain the confidence of their customers, and set themselves apart from the crowd.

Big companies that process lots of personal information have in-house privacy offices. For smaller businesses, or those that use only limited quantities of personal data, that is an expensive and unnecessary route. OutSecure’s Virtual Privacy Office service offers convenient and affordable access to data privacy expertise.

Our ON-DEMAND Virtual Privacy Office will answer your occasional privacy concerns (a few examples are given below) at an affordable hourly rate.

  • What privacy laws and regulations govern my business?
  • How should we start to prepare for a possible data breach?
  • We are starting to collect EU customer data. What are the implications?

Simply send us your questions, and we set up a conference to answer them.

Our SUBSCRIPTION Virtual Privacy Office allows you to purchase blocks of our privacy expertise to be used as and when you need it over the course of a year, effectively outsourcing your privacy office. The block could be as little as 50 hours or as much as 500.

A longer, deeper engagement allows OutSecure to undertake more complex privacy initiatives for your business. These might include:

  • Development and delivery of a customized privacy awareness training program.
  • Assessment of the privacy implications of a new product, or merger / acquisition.
  • Preparation of a data breach response plan.
  • An evaluation of your current privacy policies and procedures, or even the development of such policies and procedures from scratch.

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